Important note about Barba & Partner Rechtsanwälte!

We would like to provide you with this important note about Barba & Partner Rechtsanwälte.

Changes at Barba & Partner Rechtsanwälte

Barba & Partner Rechtsanwälte had been established as a boutique in international business law for years. In addition, the firm has been one of the most well-known law firms in German-Italian business transactions. Especially the name giver Salvatore Barba has made a name for himself over the years in the legal advice, support and representation of Italian companies in Germany. The core competence of the law firm was the establishment of limited liability companies (GmbHs) in corporate law. In contract law, the core competence was the drafting and review of international contracts for the supply of goods. Of course, clients have also been represented in court proceedings over the years. The legal disputes often concerned the international jurisdiction of German courts as well as the application of UN Sales Law /CISG.

The team of Barba & Partner Rechtsanwälte has now joined the law firm Rückel & Collegen as of 1.01.2019.

Rückel & Collegen is a law firm which also has its focus on international business law. Special attention is paid to legal advice in cross-border business transactions between Germany and the USA as well as Germany and Israel.

Dr. Christoph Rückel is also known for his many years of experience in white-collar crime law. For years he has also represented Holocaust survivors in the so-called NS proceedings against former SS guards of concentration camps.

What have we changed?

In the course of this merger, we have closed our offices in Berlin, Rosenheim and Rome. In Berlin and Rome, we cooperate with well-known local colleagues, so that we continue to be present in the market. Our clients from Rosenheim are served from our office in Munich. If required, we are of course also personally on site. Experience has shown that such a large network with own offices is not necessary for the provision of legal services. In modern times, communication is usually via e-mail, telephone and Skype. Personal meetings often take place only once at the beginning of the mandate in the offices of the law firm. Subsequently, personal meetings take place regularly at the client’s premises or in the company.

Barba & Partner Rechtsanwälte Studio Legale


Rückel & Collegen Rechtsanwälte München + Düsseldorf

Our future orientation

In the new merger, you can expect more than just our usual legal services. Rather, the merger will enable us to expand our sphere of activity. We will continue to provide our clients with legal advice and support with our customary dedication, also under the Rückel & Collegen brand. At Rückel & Collegen we will also offer our legal services in our current areas of activity. In addition to commercial law, you will of course receive support in criminal tax law and commercial criminal law.

In business law, the main areas of law continue to be corporate law, in particular the law on limited liability companies, as well as German and international contract law, in particular UN sales law/CISG.

Through the merger, we are now able to offer our clients legal advice in the fields of inheritance law, real estate law, labor law and family law. In addition to German-Italian business transactions, we can now also support you in your business activities with companies from the USA and Israel.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Simply contact us if you need advice, for example, on drafting a will, transferring assets by way of anticipated succession, acquiring or selling real estate, both in Germany and abroad, drafting a contract, establishing a limited liability company, representation in arbitration proceedings, representation in court proceedings, divorce proceedings, termination. Of course, we also take over the criminal defense if preliminary proceedings are conducted against you.

In the future you will find us at our offices in Munich, Düsseldorf, Milan and Atlanta. You will find more information on the website of Rückel & Collegen.

We will be happy to advise you!