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We are there for you in commercial law * criminal law * inheritance law * real estate law * corporate law


§ Business Law § Criminal Law § Inheritance Law § Real Estate Law ...

Barba & Partner Attorneys at Law in Munich - for your rights!

The law firm Barba & Partner, headquartered in Munich, introduces itself!

§ Business Law § Criminal Law § Inheritance Law § Family Law § Real Estate Law ...

Barba & Partner Attorneys at Law in Munich - for your rights!

The law firm Barba & Partner, headquartered in Munich, introduces itself!

The law firm Barba & Partner with headquarters in Munich introduces itself!

We are here for you in business law * criminal law * inheritance law * real estate law and corporate law

Business Law, Criminal Law, Inheritance Law, Corporate Law and Real Estate Law represent our core competencies spread across various lawyers. This area of expertise naturally also includes subcategories such as business criminal law or criminal tax law, as well as real estate transactions, which in turn represents a part of real estate law. Finally, all areas of law that we deal with are intertwined, this is exactly where our strengths lie, such as the Inheritance Law with the Real Estate Law to be able to relate.

You can obtain further information via our subpages.  Of course, you can also seek direct contact by phone through our offices, for an initial meeting, we are available without obligation. There is also the option to write an email to us. In any case, we will try to make an accurate assessment of your request in advance.  In all of the above-mentioned areas, we provide you with extraordinary expertise and many years of experience.  As a law firm with an office in Milan as well as Italian roots, we excel in international legal relations in German-Italian legal relations. We speak German, Italian and English.

To appreciate our clientele as a person or as people and to discuss your concerns in the best form conscientiously, is a special desire for us.

Barba & Partner Attorneys at Law – independent, discreet, competent, loyal, empathetic …

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Barba & Partner Attorneys at Law with offices in Munich and Milan is a law firm specialized in the following areas of law:

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Your supra-regional and international law firm in Munich and Milan

Barba & Partner Attorneys at Law from Munich and Milan is one of the best known law firms in German-Italian business transactions. In this respect, lawyer Salvatore Barba from Munich has made a name for himself over the years as a lawyer in the legal advice, assistance and representation of Italian companies in Germany, as well as in criminal defense in commercial and tax criminal law. In corporate law, the core competence of the Munich law boutique is, among other things, the formation of and advice to limited liability companies (GmbH). In contract law, on the other hand, the core competence is the drafting and review of international contracts for the supply of goods, in particular taking into account the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods/CISG.

The range of advice offered by Barba & Partner Attorneys Munich and Milan

As an international business law firm, Barba & Partner Attorneys Munich and Milan offers highly qualified and specialized advice.

In addition to legal advice, the lawyers of Barba & Partner Attorneys at Law from Munich and Milan represent clients, of course, if necessary, in proceedings before ordinary courts throughout Germany and Italy as well as in arbitrations. In this context, the core issues of legal disputes in commercial law are often the question of international jurisdiction of German courts and the application of UN Sales Law/CISG.

The care approach of Barba & Partner Attorneys Munich and Milan

For the attorneys of Barba & Partner Attorneys Munich and Milan is in any case the client as a person in the center. This is supported result-oriented legal. Professional competence, economic understanding as well as multilingualism are the three pillars of the offered lawyer activity. Inquiries that do not fall within the competence of the members of the team of Barba & Partner Attorneys at Law are forwarded to well-known attorneys of the network. In some cases, these attorneys are specialist attorneys or otherwise highly specialized. Of course, cooperation partners and specialists in Munich and Milan are also available to clients through the law firm. If desired by the client, the accompaniment of the mandate also takes place in supervision, so that a lawyer of Barba & Partner Attorneys at Law is the only contact person.

Barba & Partner Attorneys at Law – Regional, Supraregional and International

Our clients find us in Southern Germany in Munich and in Northern Italy in Milan. Independently of this, we cooperate with well-known local colleagues in the other major cities in Germany and Italy, so that we are present on the market nationwide. Depending on the need and on request, we also visit companies, especially in Bavaria as well as in the whole of Italy, at the registered office of the company or at the business premises in order to get a first impression of the client. In the end, especially in commercial law, this exercise has proven to be particularly useful for the legal advice that follows. Of course, you can also come to our office in Munich and Milan at any time. Nevertheless, for clients who do not wish to make the journey to Munich or Milan, we naturally also offer contact via video conference (Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, RED).

Selection of the consulting services offered by Barba & Partners Attorneys at Law Munich and Milan

Contact us if you have, for example, a need for advice on the drafting of a will, the transfer of assets by way of gift, the purchase or sale of a property at home or abroad, the drafting of a contract, the formation of a limited liability company (GmbH), representation in arbitrations or litigations, the termination of an employment contract. Of course, we also take care of criminal defense if you are under investigation. Attorney Salvatore Barba from Munich is there for you in criminal law! Even if you are of the opinion that you do not need the representation of a criminal defense lawyer at the beginning of an investigation, you should always contact an experienced lawyer before the investigation otherwise goes in the wrong direction at the very beginning. Criminal law has its own rules. Take advantage of the expertise of attorney Salvatore Barba from Munich, who has been combining areas of law such as commercial, corporate and criminal law for 20 years now.

Lawyer in Munich for commercial law and criminal defence

We are here to support you as your lawyers. Visit us at our offices, e.g. in Munich. Get in touch with us. We are also happy to welcome you in a video conference via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or RED.

Primarily, this type of communication may be preferred by people who want to avoid face-to-face contact because of pre-existing health conditions due to the Corona pandemic. But anyone who wants to is also welcome.

Rechtsanwaltskanzlei für Erbrecht u. Familienrecht in München

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