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Real Estate in Germany and Italy

Rechtsanwalt in München für Immobilienrecht

Your real estate in Germany

There is practically no building of a house without a construction fault. However, builders often fail to take this into account when building their own home. The rude awakening comes when one feels the economic consequences of the construction defects.

Rechtsanwalt in München für Inkasso

Your real estate in Italy

Many people dream of a property in Italy. The house on Lake Maggiore or Lake Garda as well as the country house in Tuscany are often the dream of many Italy lovers. Whether it is a vacation property, a retirement home or a second residence, it is important to observe the laws that apply abroad.

Rechtsanwalt in München für 1-Euro-Häuser

1 Euro houses in Italy

More and more municipalities in Italy are offering 1-euro properties. Here it is necessary to exercise particular caution. Such properties must be fully renovated. This can only be done with local companies. Prospective buyers underestimate the infrastructure of such communities. With the right care, bargains can often be found in better located areas on the real estate market.

Our services for your real estate project

In times of low interest rates, the purchase of a property is more attractive than ever. This applies not only to investing money in real estate or carrying out a construction project, but also to realizing the dream of owning a home. E.g. in Germany many investors are drawn to the centers of Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and Düsseldorf. Besides the boom has reached for a long time also the catchment areas of the metropolises. Meanwhile e.g. in the districts Miesbach, Rosenheim and Bad Tölz prices are called, which one would not have held before 10 years for possible.

Property owners pursue not only the maintenance of value, but also the creation of value as a goal of their investments. It is not uncommon to overlook the fact that a property is not necessarily a good investment. The deal must be carefully examined from both an economic and a legal point of view. Real estate law comprises a multitude of regulations under public and private law. Only an expert can navigate through this. Because of the high material values, legal support from a lawyer must be strongly recommended.

Private real estate law

In private law, real estate law is primarily regulated by the following areas of law:

  • The law on real estate purchase contracts
  • The law on loan securities
  • The law on notarization
  • The land register regulations
  • The law on heritable building rights
  • The law on real estate brokers
  • The law on residential mediation
  • The Brokerage and Real estate Developer Regulation
  • The Residential Tenancy Law
  • The Commercial Tenancy Law
  • The Operating Costs Ordinance
  • The Lease Law
  • The Condominium Act

Almost all transactions, which concern the transfer and load of real estates, take place by notarial contract.

The public real estate law

The real estate law includes the following legal areas in public law:

  • The brokerage law of the trade regulations
  • The building code
  • The state building codes of the federal states
  • The energy saving ordinance
  • The tax law

The public law regulations naturally serve to regulate the relationship between builders or property owners and the state institutions or the general public.

Our legal expertise – your economic benefit! 

Property buyers often underestimate the great design opportunities that arise when advised by a professional. Due to the high property values, this inevitably also affects the potential for savings. Our lawyers support real estate buyers in the acquisition of real estate. Provided that the acquisition is to take place over a compulsory auction, the company is just as recommendable by a lawyer.

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