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Barba & Partner is a law firm based in Munich and Milan. We represent clients throughout Germany and Italy. Foreign clients do not necessarily have to instruct a lawyer at the opponent’s seat.

Choosing an attorney is a matter of trust

Foreign litigants do not necessarily have to choose a lawyer at the court of jurisdiction. According to the established case law of the Federal Supreme Court, a foreign party may choose the lawyer of his or her choice. The resulting travel costs are reimbursable. (BGH, Beschluss vom 4. Juli 2017 – X ZB 11/15)

Court hearings can be conducted via video and audio transmission

In addition, court hearings can also be conducted by means of video and audio transmission. The German Code of Civil Procedure provides for this in § 128a ZPO. Due to the Corona pandemic, more and more use has been made of this possibility. The parties, their representatives and counsels may, upon motion or ex officio, be permitted by the court to be in another place during the hearing and to perform procedural acts there. At the same time, the hearing shall be transmitted in video and audio to this place and to the courtroom. If one of the parties makes a corresponding motion, such a virtual hearing may also be ordered during the examination of witnesses, experts or parties.