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Criminal law has its own laws. Not every lawyer is familiar with criminal law. There are many lawyers in Munich, but not everyone is a criminal defense lawyer or a specialist lawyer for criminal law. There are far fewer lawyers who specialize in criminal law. It is very important, for example, to know the rules of criminal defense and to apply them from the very beginning of the investigative proceedings. Setting the wrong course here can affect the entire criminal proceedings.
While our office is located in Munich, attorney Salvatore Barba represents and advises his clients nationwide.

Who is the best criminal defense lawyer?

Some people want the best criminal defense lawyer for their criminal proceedings. Does the best criminal defense lawyer even exist? And if so, can only the best criminal defense lawyer get me out of the proceedings? We say that the right criminal defense lawyer is not necessarily the best criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer and criminal defense attorney must not only know the law, he must know how to apply it and he must also be able to deal with people. He must also be able to know when he should firmly represent the rights of the client or when it makes more sense to find a solution in dialog with the court and the public prosecutor that all parties can live with. If the lawyer can do this, then he is the right criminal defense lawyer and, if the best result is achieved, also the best criminal defense lawyer. This does not always have to be an acquittal. Because even the best criminal defense lawyer cannot perform magic.

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Criminal defense in business criminal law

Commercial criminal law is not always only about theft, fraud, embezzlement or breach of trust. Subsidy fraud, delaying insolvency or bribery are criminal offenses that companies are confronted with time and again. Misconduct of employees or management bodies repeatedly occurs. Accused and injured companies should seek representation at an early stage, both preventively and in ongoing criminal and fine proceedings, as there are also so-called specialized public prosecutor's offices for commercial criminal matters.

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Criminal defense in criminal tax law

There is a manageable number of regulations governing criminal tax offenses in criminal tax law. It is however often overlooked that there are also administrative tax offenses, which involve less severe sanctions. In comparison to general criminal law and commercial criminal law, criminal tax law has the distinctive feature that investigations are conducted by tax officials, the so-called financial police, under the direction of a public prosecutor. With this in mind, it should be noted that the investigating officers have a particular level of expertise.

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Criminal defense in international criminal law

In international criminal law, there are various areas in which the advice and defense provided by a criminal defense lawyer is essential. Criminal defense cases involving foreign countries can be particularly complicated. A different language and a different mentality can lead to the need for cross-border defense in order to ensure an effective defense. The criminal defense lawyer then works in a team with colleagues from abroad.

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Criminal defense in general criminal matters

Criminal law is part of public law. It serves the functioning of society and the preservation of the legal system. General criminal law includes all criminal offenses as well as administrative offenses as long as they do not pertain to the more specific commercial and tax criminal matters. Besides the German Criminal Code, there are a large number of laws governing in particular administrative offenses. Criminal law protects elementary legal interests such as life, health, property, dignity, honor and assets.

If the authorities are investigating you, I will be glad to defend you. Don’t waste time unnecessarily! Avoid compromising your defense by acting incorrectly at the beginning of the investigation. Put your trust in an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Germany. I will be pleased to take over your defense if the public prosecutor’s office is investigating you, if charges have been brought against you or if main proceedings are pending before the criminal court.

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I would be glad to support you if you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Rosenheim. Barba & Partner also existed as a law firm in Rosenheim from 2006-2018. As a result, lawyer Salvatore Barba successfully represented many defendants in criminal proceedings before the Rosenheim Local Court and the Traunstein Local and Regional Court, the Local Court of Miesbach, the Local Court of Starnberg, the Local Court of Wolfratshausen, the Regional Court of Munich II, the Local Court of Altötting, the Local Court of Mühldorf am Inn, the Local Court of Dachau, the Local Court and Regional Court of Augsburg, the Local Court of Eggenfelden, the Local Court of Erding, the Local Court of Freising, the Local Court and Regional Court of Landshut, the Local Court of Fürstenfeldbruck and the Local Court of Laufen. Thanks to his knowledge of foreign languages, attorney Salvatore Barba has helped many foreigners arrested at the border as a criminal defense lawyer. These were often criminal proceedings for smuggling, drug trafficking or money laundering. If you need support from an experienced criminal defense lawyer in the Rosenheim area, contact attorney Salvatore Barba here.