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Barba & Partner Rechtsanwälte from Munich offers legal advice for companies and businesses. For over 20 years now, our lawyers have been able to assert themselves alongside the large business law firms in advising companies on business law. Especially in international trade and debt collection, the advantages of being advised by a small team of lawyers are evident. Above all, the entrepreneur is still a human being here.

The difference compared to a general lawyer

What distinguishes a lawyer for companies? In addition to their special legal expertise in business law, a corporate lawyer has an eye for the economic efficiency of their actions. The best legal advice is useless for a company if the result is not economical. There is no point in winning a court case if the legal costs exceed the claim. The business lawyer therefore first shows the entrepreneur all the risks of his business activities so that he can then make his business decisions on a legally sound basis. Ultimately, the business lawyer sees the bigger picture, as he knows how to combine several areas of law. He is also a team player. It is not unusual for a corporate lawyer to work in a team with other lawyers or other professionals. It goes without saying that a corporate lawyer also speaks several foreign languages. In addition to German, our lawyers of course also speak English. Besides, they also speak Italian.

Legal advice in international business law

While German commercial law is already complex for companies, international commercial law confronts companies with major challenges. In the everyday life of globalization, raw materials or components are purchased from abroad on a daily basis or finished goods are exported to other countries. Nowadays, it is almost impossible for export-oriented companies to stand their ground internationally without particularly competent business lawyers. Knowledge of foreign languages is not the only important factor here. Sometimes even knowledge of the mentality and customs of the contractual partner abroad can be of particular importance for the economic success of a transaction. Our clients can benefit from the decades of experience of the lawyers at Barba & Partner in international business transactions. They know companies both from the inside and outside. The typical problems that arise in companies are well known. In-house advice aims to optimize processes from a legal perspective. The lawyers have experience in working as in-house counsels and as external legal advisors in the sense of an external legal department.

Support for legal departments

We provide support to the legal departments of companies as specialists. In addition, our lawyers also assist the legal departments of companies in the event of particular workloads. It is not uncommon for the legal department to need additional staff for a special project. Instead of initiating a lengthy application process to increase their own staff, companies can benefit from our years of expertise at short notice. We are a cost-effective solution here!

We are the external legal department for companies without in-house lawyers

Instead of hiring your own in-house lawyer, you have access to an entire team of business lawyers. You can assign individual tasks as required. We provide ongoing legal advice from lawyers specializing in commercial law, and meanwhile we can also support the companies with liquidity management and debt collection. Our clients operate with legally secure contracts, whether at home or abroad. Of course, we also support companies’ HR departments. Legal certainty at all levels.
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Business law

We advise and support companies, shareholders and managing directors in all areas of German and international commercial law. Take advantage of our expertise, especially if you do not have your own legal department.

We are glad to provide you with legal support in all matters of business law. We look forward to visiting you at your company so that we can get a better inside into your everyday business. Alternatively, you can meet us at our offices in Munich and Milan. Feel free to contact us. We would also be a pleased to meet you in a video conference via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or RED.

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