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Criminal defense lawyer Salvatore Barba: your expert for criminal defense in Rosenheim

Did the Rosenheim police arrest a relative of yours? Has the Rosenheim court issued an arrest warrant against you? Has the Rosenheim Public Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation against you? Are you looking for an experienced criminal lawyer in Rosenheim? Are you looking for a trusted attorney with a comprehensive knowledge of the legal challenges you are facing? With more than 20 years of experience defending foreign clients in German criminal proceedings, Salvatore Barba is your lawyer of trust.

Rely on years of experience

Salvatore Barba, a Munich-based criminal defense lawyer, is specialized in successfully representing foreign clients before German courts. His extensive experience covers a wide range of cases. Regardless of whether it is a minor offense or a complex criminal case such as commercial and tax offenses. His many years of experience in commercial law are of great benefit to him. In the early years of his career, he already represented corporate groups in German and international commercial law thanks to his proven expertise.

International perspective, local expertise

Thanks to his knowledge of German, English, and Italian, Salvatore Barba is able to effectively understand his clients’ needs and respond accordingly to individual situations. Due to his foreign origins, he not only understands the legal aspects, but also the cultural nuances that can affect international criminal proceedings.

Unique expertise in Rosenheim

Every place and every court has its own dynamics. It is important to know them to ensure effective criminal defense. For 15 years, Rosenheim was the main office of the law firm Barba & Partner Rechtsanwälte. Over the years, attorney Salvatore Barba has defended a large number of clients in criminal proceedings before the Rosenheim local court. Rosenheim’s proximity to the Austrian border makes it a city with its own legal challenges. Attorney Salvatore Barba is specialized in successfully representing clients in this region. The Rosenheim area has typical crimes. These mainly include drugs-related crime, money laundering, and the trafficking in illegal immigrants. However, Salvatore Barba has also defended his clients against property crimes, such as fraud and theft, and crimes involving personal injury before the local Rosenheim court.

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