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Here we give prospective buyers and property owners of real estate in Sicily useful information on the subject, so that surprises are avoided. Continue reading if you want to buy an apartment or a house in Sicily. Be fully informed instead of being guided only by emotions. The dream of your summer home in Sicily is within your reach with the right advice!

Buy real estate in Sicily

A spot of paradise in the Mediterranean

Sicily is increasingly becoming an insider tip when it comes to vacation properties. Until 2019, before the start of the Corona pandemic, the number of visitors increased steadily.The year 2020 was marked by the Corona pandemic. In 2021, Sicily was mostly visited by tourists from northern Italy. In 2022, Sicily expects a boom in visitors after Italy lifted Corona measures for the summer season. This is hardly surprising, as the weather, food and culture are unique and attract more and more people to the island. Certainly, Sicily does not need to fear comparison with tourist hotspots far away for a long time. In addition, a very high-quality and sustainable tourism has been developing for years, which shows visitors an unclouded picture of the island.

The advantages of Sicily

The largest island in the Mediterranean is easily accessible with airports in Palermo, Catania and Trapani. There are also regular direct flights from many foreign cities. Once on the island, you can then get to any corner of the island by car or intercity bus. Sicily has to offer a variety not only in flora and fauna, as hardly any other spot in Europe. Every ethnicity that has ever lived in Sicily has left its mark, so that you can find a potpourri of cultures at every corner. Of course, this is also reflected in the regional cuisine, which is varied, spicy and healthy. Many beaches can compete with those overseas. Not only is the water clear. There is also a variety of fish that is impressive. Sicily’s climate is far superior to Lake Garda and Tuscany, which are popular with foreigners. Dry climate and pleasant temperatures, sometimes from February to November, are unbeatable.

1-Euro houses in Sicily – bargain?!?

In Sicily, many municipalities now offer entire old towns for sale. The houses are also known as so-called 1-euro houses. Cammarata, Sambuca di Sicilia, Mussomeli and Gangi are just some of the places that are trying to revive their towns via the 1-euro house project. To some extent, this has been successful, even if nowhere near as many houses have been sold as had originally been hoped. Ultimately, the Corona pandemic also slowed down the communities’ sales efforts. Of course, these houses have to be renovated, so a so-called 1-euro house ends up costing more than just 1 euro. Of course, upon purchase, buyers agree to renovate the house within a specified time. Finally, the properties are usually hardly habitable, because they were abandoned years ago. Without local contacts, it is difficult to make a good investment here.

Holiday home in Sicily – It can be achieved in a different way

What many prospective buyers do not know: One can acquire real estates favorably beside the 1-Euro-Häusern also from private people. With the right contacts you get here often bargains, so that a property in Sicily is affordable for many prospective buyers. Realistic prices start at 30,000 euros. Of course, you should be clear about what you really want. We are also happy to support you in the decision-making process and in the selection of region and locality.

The trend in real estate in Sicily

Very popular are now also the rather high-priced properties. Often the main focus is on feudal country estates, houses with a sea view and sophisticated villas between olive groves and lemon trees. Hollywood star Lorraine Bracco as well as Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones have fallen in love with Sicily. Both have bought their dream house in Sicily. Bracco has bought a 1 euro house in Sambuca di Sicilia. Jagger, on the other hand, was drawn to the province of Syracuse. He bought a house in Portopalo di Capo Passero in 2021. It is said that Bill Gates has invested in hotels in Sicily. as well as Blackstone. It is advisable to look for real estate in Sicily now. Prices are likely to rise in the long term. While prices tend to be high in the west and east of the island, there are economically interesting properties in the interior and in the province of Agrigento.

Emigrating to Sicily

More and more people are emigrating to Sicily. While the Sicilians continue to emigrate to the north and abroad because of the labor market situation, foreigners in particular are emigrating to Sicily. These are not only pensioners and seniors. In fact, there are more and more emigrants who work from their home offices. Although the labor market situation in Sicily is difficult, the quality of life can be described as good. Emigrants can decelerate their lives in Sicily. All the more, especially people who are otherwise accustomed to the hectic life in the big city, can be recommended to choose the island for a sabbatical.

Our network in Sicily

We have in the meantime a network of companies in Sicily, with which we accompany the acquisition of a property in Sicily. Let us support you in the selection of the object. We will be happy to put together the team for you, which will then make your domicile shine in new splendor. Please contact to us.

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