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Real Estate in Tuscany

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Here we give prospective buyers and property owners of real estate in Tuscany useful information on the subject. Continue reading if you want to buy an apartment or a house in Tuscany. The dream of your vacation house in Tuscany is within your reach with the right advice!

Vacation house in Tuscany


Die Toskana (italienisch: Toscana) liegt in Mittel-Italien. Die Region grenzt an die Regionen Ligurien, Emilia-Romagna, Marken, Umbrien und Latium. Die Hauptstadt der Toskana ist Florenz. Weitere wichtige Städte sind Arezzo, Livorno, Lucca, Pisa und Siena. Die Toskana ist als Kulturzentrum und Zentrum der Renaissance bekannt. Unvergleichlich ist die malerische Landschaft, die von Pinien, Zypressen, Olivenhainen und Weinberge geprägt ist. Bei den Touristen sind insbesondere die Maremma, das Chianti-Gebiet, die Versilia-Küste, die Etruskische Riviera sowie im Norden der Apennin beliebt.

The climate in Tuscany is very variable depending on the type of landscape. Especially in the coastal region, the climate of Tuscany is Mediterranean. In the valleys it can be very hot in summer. Winters are mild and sometimes rainy. In the Apennines, it can also snow in winter. Here foreign Italy tourists find the true Italy. If you have a vacation property in Tuscany, you can live real Italian flair.

The purchase of a vacation property

The following questions should be answered by prospective property owners:

  • Do I really want to own a vacation property at all?
  • What type of property should I purchase?
  • Where should I buy a vacation property?
  • What may the property cost?
  • How do I want to finance the purchase?
  • Should the property also be rented to tourists?

Only when you have clearly and comprehensively answered the questions listed here does it make sense to dare to implement the project of buying real estate in Italy. Even a bargain can end up being a money pit. A vacation property is regularly not a goldmine.

The purchase of a real estate in Tuscany

Tuscany has always been very popular with tourists from all over the world. Located in the middle of Italy, Tuscany is easy to reach from Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland. Holidaymakers can easily reach Tuscany by car, train or plane. Foreign Tourists have been flocking to Tuscany for decades. The varied, partly very picturesque landscape, the cuisine, the culture and the good accessibility speak for themselves. Particularly attractive is also the wide variation of real estate for sale. Prospective buyers can choose between villa, rustico, country house in the vineyard or in the olive grove, new construction, apartment and old town house. Those who own a vacation property here have good opportunities to rent it out to Italian, German, French, Austrian and Swiss tourists.

The cost of a real estate in Tuscany

Real estate prices in Tuscany vary greatly depending on the area and the type of property. Nevertheless, the prices for houses in Tuscany are above average for Italy. Partly even bargains are possible. One can try to acquire locally from private a real estate. Alternatively, one turns to an agent on the spot who usually charges a brokerage fee of 3% + VAT. Foreign buyers should not forget that a real estate agent has a considerable economic interest in the deal. He has no interest in pointing out possible defects of the estate to the buyer. The agent only earns his commission if the property is successfully brokered, so we highly recommend involving in the purchase a specialized lawyer who is familiar with Italian real estate law. Very often in the past, we have succeeded in protecting foreign prospective buyers from economic damage when purchasing real estate in Italy.

Owning a real estate in Tuscany

Property owners in Italy have to pay a real estate tax on their property. This is called IMU. If the property in Tuscany is a vacation property, a higher IMU is owed.

In addition, the expenses of garbage collection, electricity and water, in particular, are then still to be paid.

The rental of a vacation property in Tuscany

If you want to rent out your property in Tuscany as a vacation accommodation to tourists, you should first seek advice from an Italian tax advisor. We will be happy to assist you in choosing a suitable tax consultant. We have in our network in Tuscany several tax consultants and tax offices. Some of them even speak fluent English.

The transfer of a real estate in Tuscany

Owners of foreign real estate should in any case obtain information and advice on the subject of transferring the real estate within the framework of anticipated succession or inheritance, e.g. by will or intestate succession, as early as the acquisition of the real estate. If problems arise after a real estate transfer, they can often only be remedied at great expense. Transfer your real estate in Tuscany in a legally secure way.

Of course, we provide legal support to our clients when it comes to real estate ownership in Tuscany. Those who seek the advice of a lawyer often save money. Please remember that Italian real estate law has its pitfalls, especially for foreigners. Contact us for more information here. You can find more information about Tuscany here.