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Buying a house on Lake Garda can be hassle-free. Here we give prospective buyers and property owners of real estate on Lake Garda useful information on the subject. Read on if you want to buy an apartment or a house on Lake Garda. The dream of your vacation property on Lake Garda is within reach with the right advice!

Lake Garda vacation property

The Lake Garda

Lake Garda (Italian: Lago di Garda) is located between the Alps and the Po Valley. It spreads in the Italian regions of Trentino Alto Adige, Lombardy and Veneto. Trento, Brescia and Verona are the provinces that frame Italy’s largest lake. The region is known for its wine production. Lugana, Bardolino, Soave and Valpolicella are the most famous wine varieties of Lake Garda.

The summers are hot, the winters mild and with little precipitation. The climate is sub-Mediterranean, which has always made Lake Garda particularly attractive for foreign vacationers. It goes without saying, therefore, that at some point the desire for their own vacation property arises among Lago vacationers.

The advantages are obvious: Lake Garda can be easily reached by vehicle from the north via the Brenner Pass. The infrastructure is optimally developed. Even no language skills are not a problem due to the decades-long tradition of the region as a vacation destination for foreign tourists. The weather is pleasant, the vegetation lush, the food tasty and the towns picturesque. Nowhere is it easier for foreigners to live the dream of the “Dolce Vita”. With a property on Lake Garda you make this dream come true.

The purchase of a vacation property

The following questions should be answered by prospective property owners:

  • Do I really want to own a vacation property at all?
  • What type of real estate should I purchase?
  • Where should I buy a vacation property?
  • What may the property cost, for example, on Lake Garda?
  • How do I want to fund the purchase of the real estate?
  • Should the property also be rented to tourists?

Only when you have clearly and comprehensively answered the questions listed here does it make sense to dare to implement the project of buying real estate in Italy. Even a bargain can end up being a money pit. A vacation property is regularly not a goldmine in the very first instance.

The purchase of a real estate on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the place in Italy where you can find the highest number of German property owners. Real estate on Lake Garda is very popular. It is too tempting to own a house or apartment on Lake Garda. Due to the location and scenic features of Lake Garda, there are countless properties with lake views. The other advantages of Lake Garda have already been presented above. However, one must also be aware that in the meantime one meets mostly Germans on site. The typical Italy does not exist at Lake Garda for a long time. But there is an almost perfect infrastructure, so that one finds a good mix between Italian lifestyle and German habits.

The expenses of a property on Lake Garda

Real estate prices on Lake Garda are high by Italian standards. While real estate prices in Italy are falling on average, the trend in real estate prices on Lake Garda is still rising. Partly houses and apartments on Lake Garda are overpriced due to the high demand of German prospective buyers. Those who want to sell their vacation property on Lake Garda at some point may not reach the price they paid if they do not sell to a German buyer.

Unfortunately, it is now difficult to impossible to purchase real estate on Lake Garda from private. As a rule, you have to turn to a local real estate agent. This increases the additional costs considerably. The brokerage fee in Italy is regularly 3% + VAT. The brokers regularly work with notaries known to them, who usually charge quite high fees for the the notary certification of the real estate purchase. In the past we have often succeeded in negotiating lower notary fees by engaging notaries known to us.

The ownership of a real estate on Lake Garda

Owning a property on Lake Garda naturally brings with it obligations. Property owners on Lake Garda have to pay the Italian real estate tax IMU for their property. If the property on Lake Garda is a vacation property, a higher IMU is owed. More information about the IMU can be found here.

In addition, the expenses of garbage collection, electricity and water, in particular, are then still to be paid.

The rental of a vacation property on Lake Garda

If you want to rent out your property on Lake Garda as a vacation property to tourists, you should first seek advice from an Italian tax advisor. We will be happy to assist you in choosing a suitable tax advisor.

The transfer of a real estate on Lake Garda

Italian real estate law has its pitfalls. Here, nothing should be left to chance and one should not blindly trust the seller or the agent, both of whom have an economic interest in the sale of the property. Real estate buyers should also remember that a notary will not give legal advice to the real estate buyer. Hiring a lawyer specialized in Italian real estate law is essential. One must expect high costs if problems arise later that could have been avoided if the purchase had been legally supported at the time of purchase.

Owners of foreign real estate should also obtain information and advice on the subject of transferring the real estate as part of an anticipated succession or inheritance, e.g. by will or intestate succession, as early as the acquisition of the real estate. Changes in the succession are associated with considerable costs. Transfer your property on Lake Garda in a legally secure manner.

In the meantime, it makes sense to hire a lawyer who is familiar with inheritance and real estate law in Italy when purchasing a property on Lake Garda. If the lawyer has knowledge of International inheritance law at the same time, you are in good hands.

Of course, we provide legal assistance to our clients when it comes to buying and owning real estate on Lake Garda. Those who seek the advice of a lawyer often save money. Please remember that Italian real estate law has its pitfalls, especially for foreigners. Contact us for more information here. For more information on Lake Garda, please here.

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